Avi Azulai

Partner, UK

Avi Azulai is the founder of a number of companies. One of them, iTouch plc, which he co-founded in 1995 was publicly listed in 2000 on the LSE. iTouch was sold in May 2005 to a Japanese plc. Since then Avi has been actively involved in more startups. One of these was in 2006, Vista Diagnostics, which again he co-founded – a medical practice for visual diagnostics for patients requiring tests such as MRIs & ultra sounds. It was sold in 2009 to a private medical group in the UK. Avi has been involved in the medical industry since 2006, he has been involved in numerous startups in different modalities, building up an experience in many areas of medicine as well as the ways to commercialise the products and services that each is developing. Avi continues to invest and build companies in the hi-tech & medtech space, with the experience of building companies from a very small size to large international & publicly listed companies in excess of $150m turnover. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics as well as a Diploma in Management. Avi has built his experience in investing in a few companies and building them up to large companies.


David Akunis

Partner, Israel

David Akunis has managed Medvest in Israel since its inception. Previously he served as VP and Investments Manager at ATID Ventures Ltd. Additionally Mr. Akunis served as Private Equity Investment Manager at MEITAV Corporate Finace Ltd. and as the Head of the Medical and Biotech Equipment Department at the Israeli Ministry of Export.


Joaquin Gari

Board Member

Joaquin Gari started investing in start-ups in Israel in 2010, personally investing in Medvest, Rewalk, Higynex, Origin GPS and BondX. In 2012, he founded Tron Capital Partners and Magna Capital, investing in Israel start-ups: Theracoat, Yotpo, Speaking Pal, Webydo, Berimbi, Communitake, Serendip, Ring Ya, Zula and Elevator.

Joaquin was founder and CEO of Derivados del Etilo, S.A., from 1972 to 1996. The company produced amino acids for the pharmaceutical industry and was a leader in this area. The company was sold to DSM in 1996. He was a Board Member of Derivados del Etilo, Banco Español de Crédito, Aerosol Ibérica, Espaclub, etc.


Robert Beckman

Board Member

Robert Beckman was a founder of Intergen Company and CEO for 14 years. Intergen supplied a wide array of biological products and innovative technologies to the life sciences industry. Mr. Beckman previously served as Vice President, Marketing Services, at Revlon Health Care Group (which included USV Pharmaceutical Corp. and Armour Pharmaceutical Co.) until he was appointed Vice President and General Manager of the Biochemical and Diagnostic Division of Revlon Healthcare Group.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors at Innovea Medical Ltd, a diagnostic imaging company based in Israel, and is on the Board of Lesanne Life Sciences, LLC, a company co-founded by The Channel Group. In addition, he previously served as a member of the Board of Directors and management of Phage Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty biopharmaceutical manufacturer and developer of therapeutic proteins, and served on the Board of Directors of LCT BioPharma Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Living Cell Technologies Limited (ASX:LCT).

Mr. Beckman holds a B.S. Pharm degree from Columbia University and is a co-founder and is Managing Partner of The Channel Group.