MicroSert Ltd. is developing an intraocular implant for the treatment of chronic eye diseases such as AMD and DME.

AMD and DME, both leading causes of blindness, are treated with monthly intravitreal injections (insertion of a needle into the eye) of Lucentis or Avastin. The current procedure is extremely non patient-friendly, involves safety issues and delivers a peak drug concentration.

MicroSert’s implant is a micro capsule replacing these intravitreal injections. It is a reservoir type device inserted into the eye through a fine needle via a simple procedure, releasing Lucentis/Avastin in a sustained controlled manner, for a long period of time, and refilled for continued use.

MicroSert’s implant is essentially unique from existing technologies:

  • No chemical drug-device interaction – releasing off-the-shelf drugs;
  • Empty-phase insertion – miniature cross section (surgical incision not necessary);
  • Simple insertion procedure; and
  • Refillable.