LunGuard’s mission is to reduce complications and mortality associated with enteral feeding in ICU units

  • LunGuard developed a unique and proprietary reflux prevention device for the enteral feeding market;
  • LunGuard’s disposable product is a Peristaltic Feeding Tube (PFT) that is capable of preventing reflux and is expected to significantly lower the occurrence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in ventilated patients; and
  • LunGuard’s Control Monitoring Unit (CMU) continuously monitors essential parameters of stomach and gastric contents in the oesophagus which can benefit for the feeding pump and ventilation machine. Currently there are only partial solutions in the market.

The Product

Current Status

IP Status

Key patent granted in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan & Israel and is in national phase in other countries. Additional patent are in PCT phase.

Regulatory Status

Amar (Israeli FDA) approval expected to be received in Q2 of 2016. CE – expected to be received in Q4 of 2016. FDA - 510k expected in Q4 of 2016.


Two small start-ups are currently working in the same field.

Clinical Trials

  • The prototype has successfully performed in pre-clinical trials (pigs) and "first-in-man" clinical trials in Barcelona, Spain;
  • The company is currently completing its regulated clinical trials in humans at the ICU of Rabin Medical centre in Israel; and
  • The company will start European Clinical trials at the ICU of Hanover Medical centre in Germany.