Flometrica develops home care revolutionary disposable and personalised – Uroflow diagnostic devices.

  • The FloRite urine-analysers are for home-use or point-of-care.
  • The FloRite is inexpensive and enables home testing, substituting the need for cumbersome urine tests in clinics and hospitals.
  • FloRite – the company’s initial product, is a revolutionary, disposable flow-meter with a USB flash drive that will be used as a home care monitoring device.

Market Potential

  • Flometrica's immediate target market includes 21 million patients in the USA alone, which are tested periodically for urine flow.
  • Urine flow tests are performed today in hospitals or clinics with lack of privacy. Today's tests are very time consuming for patients and staff.
  • Flometrica will shift urine flow tests form hospitals and clinics to home care.
  • According to population based surveys and research, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) are prevalent among men and women of all ages.

The Product

FloRite - a home care, disposable urine flow-meter with a USB flash drive that measures the patient's individual uroflow

Current Status

IP Status

Proprietary know-how and patent pending technology.

Regulatory Status

FDA approved. Amar Israeli FDA Approved. CE in process.


Currently no competition in this sector.

Business Status

  • Flometrica and Perrigo signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Israel as well as collaboration with Israel's second largest HMO - Maccabi Health;
  • Flometrica and Laborie (the largest Urology manufacturer) signed an MOU for distribution, product joint development and partnership;
  • Flometrica and Andromeda signed an LOI for distribution in Europe and Russia; and
  • Andromeda market estimation: 1st yr - 80k units, 2nd yr - 200k units, 3rd yr - 400k units.