About us


Medvest is incorporated by two general partners in the UK with a head office in London and a representative in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Medvest is engaged with funding medical projects, joining professional teams and accompanying entrepreneurs for promising projects into their commercial status or pre-phase III clinical trials. Medvest has four partners and a professional consulting team which has built a strong reputation in recognising, funding, guiding and closing technology deals for projects with capital needs from $100k to $5m.

Medvest is interested in expanding its investment portfolio. By absorbing capital and seeking progressive investors who are interested in being part of a dynamic partnership, with power to fuel innovation and to infuse new energy into the early biotech/medical industry.

By incorporating a hands-on management approach to all portfolio companies, Medvest’s mission is to invest in promising projects, who then develop into valuable ventures.

What We Offer

BioMed is considered the most powerful business sector in the 21st century. The expansion in healthcare spending, technology advancements and the unmet medical needs for cures, treatments and preventive medicine will continue to provide the biotech sector with exponential growth rates and advancements, not to mention lucrative investment opportunities.
Investment Approach
Medvest offers scientific, medical, business and financial experience required to discover, select and manage the most promising BioMed inventions. Today, there is no professional investment entity in Israel that specializes in "nurturing" and investing in pre seed early stage ideas with the ability to perform a due diligence evaluation based only upon an initial proof-of-concept experiment. With Medvest's 360° hands-on management approach and expertise, it has the ability to transform small scale projects into valuable operating business entities.
Medvest's Strategy
Medvest's strategy is based upon the following:
Establish sourcing channels to stream in a continuous pipeline of excellent projects to enable exclusive constant deal flow. Engage with specialists in the BioMed field to get expert opinions on projects and input on the technology development. Select projects/companies whose investment requirements are typically in three stages, starting with a capital range of $100k and following up to about $1.5m per company.
Medvest's primary objective is to invest in three medical sectors (biotech, medical devices and diagnostics) and achieve one or more of the following:

Advance companies from a short to medium term exit according to a pre-plan business strategy.

Incorporate licensing agreements using companies IP/products based upon a royalty business model.
Sourcing Channels
To become qualified candidates in Medvest's portfolio, we require various channels through which streamlining of early-stage life science projects are evaluated. The sourcing channels include Yissum of Hebrew University, Ashkelon Technological Incubator, other government and private technological incubators and VC's.